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Welcome to eBay Israel R&D center

A leader in research, development, and innovation, eBay Israel is a key player in ensuring the global company remains at the forefront of technological breakthroughs and performance.

Let’s innovate a world in which economic opportunities are available to all, including you.

Let’s innovate a world in which economic opportunities are available to all, including you. If you want to work for a corporation that handles real, live data on the largest inventory in the world but that is also accessible and human, eBay Israel could be your next best career move. Our Israel-based R&D center truly makes an impact on billions of people across the globe by enabling exceptional shopping experiences, as well as by giving back to the community in every way possible

Meet the humans behind the world’s largest online inventory

At eBay, we pride ourselves on several core values, including collaboration, innovation, and diversity. Like our global teams, our Israeli teams come from all walks of life and work together to create the best possible results and experiences for buyers and sellers around the world. But above all else, they inject a truly personal touch to the digital shopping experience, and they do it with a LOT of heart.

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eBay Israel’s Applied Research Group is on a mission to resolve the most complex problems pertaining to our online marketplace. We conduct deep research on Data Science, Machine Learning, NLP, Recommendation Systems, Information Retrieval, and Computer Vision, to make our user experience as seamless and satisfying as possible!


At eBay Israel, innovation knows no bounds! For over 25 years, our teams have embraced innovation and developed technology that nurture inspiring e-commerce experiences for buyers, sellers, and developers, alike. Technologies such as machine translation and natural language processing continue to be serve as the cornerstone of of our growth, customer success, and loyalty, and we’re always looking for the next big innovation to take eBay global to the next level.


eBay Israel is proudly and directly tied to the global company’s core strategy, enabling our teams to impact the lives of Hundreds of millions of people worldwide. Our teams make an impact by enabling entrepreneurs and non-profits alike to build businesses on eBay, raise vitalm funds, and improve the lives of many others. And, as the most volunteer-oriented site of all eBay locations, with 1 of 4 employees regularly volunteering year-round, the IL site makes an impact on a deep, personal, and local level as well.


As a marketplace that brings people together to spark unexpected joy, we ever empower our community to act with integrity, be there for everyone, innovate boldly, and deliver with impact. The IL site’s company culture is fully aligned with that of the global company: warm, welcoming, inclusive, and supportive. We engage in responsible business practices that break barriers and shatter glass ceilings, so everyone feels safe and valued.

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